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2013-05-06 14:08:37 by scribb1er

College sucks up all my free time as of late. Haven't made any music in about a year or so. But what I AM doing is making minecraft skins every now and then. Though I barely have any inspirations for them. So if you want, throw some my way

not dead

2011-07-14 13:04:26 by scribb1er

Good god I haven't posted here in forever. Done with freshman year of college and now I've found the motivation to start makin some music again. I lost my MMX stuff, but its not super huge loss. Thinking about doing some covers of Castlevania music.

back to work!!!

2009-06-25 12:50:37 by scribb1er

After a several month stop on my work, I've finally begun again! Check out my Dr. Light remix, the first of many songs to come.

still alive

2009-04-04 17:53:02 by scribb1er

A lot of stuff has been happening lately so I haven't had much time to make any new songs, all I have are a lot of half done pieces. Might finish a couple of them....


2009-04-01 22:59:19 by scribb1er

interesting new skin and stuff. I didnt know we were going through negotiating to have this site viewable in China. Nobody tells me anything...

goddamn software guy

2009-01-26 19:27:31 by scribb1er

So after a month the guy finally calls back and says he's got my upgrade. Getting it tomorrow and installing it in the next few days.


2008-12-24 13:55:47 by scribb1er

well, life is getting in the way of my mixes so they're taking awhile. However, I am getting an upgrade for my mac (yes im getting leopard) and a new Garageband update to boot. Definitely a great christmas gift!


2008-11-30 12:32:50 by scribb1er

My next song will be a videogame remix. MMX is the game I'm mixing music(happy memories). Keep an eye out for it!

im back

2008-11-04 13:34:11 by scribb1er

Im fooling around with some new stuff on Garageband and i need a better version for some more instruments im looking for. Guess i'll make do for now. I haven't really been making songs, just messing with everything. Maybe i'll start makin one.

break time

2008-09-25 17:13:35 by scribb1er

well, I submitted 2 songs in about a 2 week time frame. I think I'll take a bit of a break before I make a new song (still debating about ideas). I'll be back though.